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Hi, if you’ve found this site searching for Steve41 – my username on Fiverr, then you’ve come to the right spot.

So if you’ve searched for “steve41 Blogs posts” or “steve41 PBN ” because I no longer appear on Fiverr (long story, but let’s just say they’re starting to piss me off), then here you are 🙂

I help site owners to rank their keywords, and have done so for the past 7 years. I’ve over 34,000 completed jobs on Fiverr alone, with 18,000 positive reviews, and less then 50 negs – you can’t please everyone.

Unlike many PBN owners, I don’t use cheap .info’s etc. Over 95% of my domains are .com, .net or .org. and again, unlike others, I renew domains on expiry, so the majority of domains are at least 2 years old, some going on 4 years. Of course, I add new domains monthly, so the network is always growing.

Renewing also ensures your links stay up for years. No point in getting back links if the domain then expires next month!

As for metrics, I try and purchase domains that have DA20+ and TA10+. I’ve quite a few domains DA40+.

While my services are definitely aimed at the cheap end of town, it doesn’t mean just any crap is posted out. All articles are sourced manually, and then spun semi-manually, so they’re very readable. Titles are also readable, and not some gibberish.

I offer 30 – 220 posts packages, with the 120+ posts offer being the most favoured. 30 posts is really a “starter” so you can evaluate the network quality. It may (and has) helped push up very long-tails, but don’t expect miracles.

I get asked, but why can’t you offer 400, 600 or even 800 post packages such as offered on BlackWorld etc forums.

Well for one, I think it’s foolish to lay out all your domains in one go, secondly, the dirty little secret for many of those 400-800 posts packages, is that they have only 200 domains or less. Don’t believe me, place a trackable keyword or phrase and see how many are returned….and how many are cheap .info’s.

Many new buyers come to me with one page affiliate wonders or highly competitive one word keywords etc, buy 30 posts, and then expect to rank in the top 10. Not gonna happen. Not gonna happen with even a NY Times backlink.

I cannot emphasize enough that the heavy lifting has to be done by your site. Your content, site age, on-page SEO, SEO history etc are the main drivers for ranking. Once that’s in order, then the backlinks can come into play.

On the subject of backlink quality/juice power, let’s be very clear here, I can’t perform miracles with a bunch of links. If your trying to reach top 3 spots for competitive terms like “payday loans”, “auto-insurance” etc, save your money. Of course, if you’re looking for link diversity, then these posts are perfect for that.

I offer my services on SeoClerks, which I recommend over Fiverr, for the simple fact you’re not paying Fiverr’s increasingly exorbitant fees. My basic $5 gig is just that, $5 – not $5 + $2 + $whatever.

I also offer services on as, but find that platform very flaky. When it works it’s OK, when it doesn’t, it’s a shitfest.

You can also deal directly with me, as do most of my SEO agency clients/re-sellers. This avoids any particular platform hassles, and also allows more customizable job requests.

I’m also open to re-selling of my services. So if you want to do that, then hit me up.

Note that if you’re a previous Fiverr client of mine and order through SEOClerks or, let me know, as I will duplicate whatever offer I had on Fiverr for you.

Contact me using the Contact Form or hit me up on Skype if you want to get the best PBN bulk contextual blogs posts on offer.